Destiny E3 Wrap Up


Destiny E3 Wrap Up

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Destiny is easily one of the most hyped games of the year and as such has a lot to live up to. Therefore, it came as no surprise to anyone that it made a strong appearance AT E3 this year. Below is collection of Destiny info and videos from E3. I personally haven’t played the game yet but I did sign up for the beta and am crossing my fingers I get in. If so, i’ll be writing a article soon about my impressions. Pre-order destiny here!

Destiny Official E3 Trailer:

Destiny Playstation Announcement:

Destiny was featured prominently in the PS4 press conference. Sony announced:
1. Exclusive Alpha access for three days starting 6/12 for PS4 players only. For more info go here… quickly.

2. PS4 Destiny bundle for $450 which includes a fancy new WHITE PS4 available Sepetember 9th 2014

white ps4

3. Beta access will be available for PS4 users on July17th, get in the beta by pre-ordering here

Gameplay Videos

E3 Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

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