ComiCONN: Game Haven Interview


ComiCONN: Game Haven Interview

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While I was wandering around the Connecticut “ComiCONN” at the Webster Bank Area, I stumbled across an interesting new start up company by the name of  Game Haven. Game Haven looks to almost be a modern day Arcade that will eliminate the need for locals to lug around their heavy computers in order to LAN by having top of the line computers on hand for patrons to use in a social setting. Patrons wont be limited to just PC gaming though; Brent, the owner and CEO of Game Haven also told me that they will have every system and every game as to accommodate all gamers.
Brent is also looking to expand outside of Connecticut, so anyone who finds this concept interesting should definitely reach out to him.

To learn more watch the interview above, also, you can check out Game Haven’s website.

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  • Sep 18, 2014 @ 16:20 pm

    Hey! I’m so sorry I never posted a comment! I just found this and love it. I’m going to be doing an interview for a pilot program for Reality TV show up at the Big E and I was reminded of our interview. We’re getting really close to finding a location and opening the store. I hope we can keep the lines of communication open and stay in touch.




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