RIP Destiny loot cave, you were loved / hated


RIP Destiny loot cave, you were loved / hated

For Destiny players, today is a sad / happy day depending on who you are. For you see today was the day that Bungie swung its mighty nerf bat and hit loot cave high over the outfield wall.

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If you somehow missed it, the legendary loot cave was an exploit area in Destiny that enabled players to easily farm gear, engrams, and XP. The cave existed in Old Russia and was home to endlessly spawning low level acolytes and thralls. By standing in a certain place and killing the spawns over and over you not only received a healthy amount of XP and easily completed related bounties, but you also had a great chance of obtaining rare and hard to find loot.

For better or worse the cave glitch has been “corrected” and will no longer serve as way to farm in Destiny. I for one am in the “going to miss it” camp. I will, of course, miss the easy XP and drops but most of all I’ll miss the controversy and community it created. The cave not only endlessly spawned enemies; it also endlessly spawned online debate, some of which was pretty entertaining to read.

The loot cave was a Destiny Phenomenon that polarized the player base and inspired both love and hate. Out of this came some pretty funny and ingenious things:

  1. An official loot cave etiquette guide on Reddit
  2. An epic loot cave story (which was really funny and I can’t seem to find now)
  3. An obituary from the Reddit crew
  4. Countless youtube videos

I actually had a good deal of fun in my limited Loot Cave time. Of the two times I managed to partake in the experience there were always other Guardians milling about, something I think there is far too little of in the game. At regular intervals a pretty intense public event occurred that forced everyone in the area to work together to complete. The last time I played the cave we faced an onslaught of high level enemies that spawned from all directions creating the most intense experience I’ve had while playing the game.

So RIP Loot Cave, we’ll miss you and eagerly await your reincarnation.



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