PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

PS4 E32014

PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference

Sony Press Conference (6/9/12 at 9:00 PM EST):



- Destiny

New Trailer. The Beta is coming out July 17th on PlayStation. PS4 owners can play Destiny’s Alpha this Thursday – Sunday. Exclusive content, maps, and quests. Bundled White PS4 With Destiny and 30 Day Free Trial of PSN

- The Order: 1886

New trailer/cinematic gameplay video.

- Entwined

Reminds me of Earthworm Jim’s space race levels.

- inFamous First Light

Is a game independent of Second Son that stars Fetch as the main character. It is unclear as to how long the game will be or how much it will cost.

- Little Big Planet 3

New characters with unique powers like wall jumping, super strength, and flying. Also includes intuitive co-op play. Only on PS4. Coming out in November!

Includes backwards compatibility of user made levels with re-vamped graphics

- Bloodborne

Completely new IP by From Software. Coming out 2015.

- Far Cry 4

New gameplay trailer. Including a new wing suit feature and co-op. On PlayStation you can invite friends to join you in playing even if they don’t have the game.

- Dead Island 2

Deep Silver is back at it again, hopefully it is better than Riptide. 30 day beta and full exclusive class only on PS4.

- Diablo 3

Exclusive dungeon.

- The Last of Us

Coming out for PS4 on July 29th, 2014.

- Battlefield Hardline

Exclusive new trailer.

- Disney Infinity 2

Exclusive collectors edition.

- Magicka 2: Learn to Spell Again

Paradox Studios exclusive on the PlayStation.

- Grim Fandango

Remastered! Exclusive for PS4 and PS Vita.

- New Indie Games on Exclusively on PlayStation Platforms. Including Devolver, Hotline: Miami Wrong Number, and The Talos Solution

- Let It Die

Exclusively on PS4 by Suda 51. New Game and Trailer. Looks like a multiplayer, third-person, RPG, and fighting game all in one.


World Premier. By Development Studio Giant Squid. Appears like you will explore the bottom of the ocean, but

- No Man’s Sky

Console Debut on PS4. Has Dinosaurs, spaceships, and exotic lands. Also has space-ships and space-battles. Has an infinite, procedurally built universe. Every player will start on a different planet (and sounds like it may be multiplayer). Looks Awesome.

- Project Morpheus

Will use the PlayStation Camera and is available for trial at E3. Does this mean it may be coming out soon?

- YouTube

PS4 Gamers will be able to upload video to their video channel using the Share button.

- Twitch and UStream

Can watch and interact with gamers.

- The PlayRoom

Free DLC coming soon.

- Free To Play

Over 25 Free To Play games coming to PlayStation Network by the end of the year, including PlanetSide 2.

- PlayStation Now

On PlayStation 4 in the US and Canada as an Open Beta starting July 31st. Also coming to Ps3 and PS Vita. Can also play the vast catalog of games on a PlayStation TV using a DualShock3 Controller.

- New PS Vita Games

Including Child of Light, Tales of Borderlands and Minecraft.

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- PlayStation TV

Two Bundles; $139 with a HDMI Cable, Lego Movie Videogame Voucher, 8GB Card, DualShock3 and $99 just PlayStation TV. Allows you to use PlayStation Now and/or Stream your PS4 to an other TV.

- Mortal Kombat: X

World Premier gameplay footage including new Fatalities.


New Exclusive Series for the PlayStation Network. The show is an adaptation on the comic book series created by Brian Michael Benis and Michael Avon Oeming. Anyone with a PS4 can watch the first episode, all PS+ members can watch the entire series for free.

- Ratchet and Clank

An announcement of a 2015 movie coming to theaters. Also an announcement that a remastered rendition of the original game is coming to the PS4 in early 2015.

- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

New Trailer.

- Grand Theft Auto V

Coming Fall 2014 to PS4. Can transfer save data from PS3 and Xbox 360.

- Batman Arkham Knight

New Trailer featuring the Scarecrow.

- Uncharted 4

Coming to PS4 in 2015.

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