Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference


Xbox E3 2014 Press Conference

Microsoft Press Conference (6/9/14 at 12:30 PM EST):


- Call of Duty Advance Warfare

- Forza 5 Nuremberg track

Available TODAY (6/09/2014) for free.

- Forza Horizon 2

Announced and available for pre-order now. Dynamic weather. 1000 player cars
– Gameplay video for Evolve looks great! I’m excited for this game.

- New Assassin Creed: Unity

Set in 18 century Paris. Create your own brother hood with 3 friends. (4 player co-op)

- Dragon Age Inquisition

Trailer was just shown. Looks pretty dope. Comes to XBOX One first.

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- Sunset Overdrive

Trailer looks pretty funny. Fast action, colorful graphics with a comic book feel to them. 8 player co-op mode in addition to campaign mode. Available October 28th this year.

- New Dead Rising game

(Title is about 20 words) is available right now.

- Disney Fantasia Music Evolved

XBOX exclusive.

- Dance Central Spotlight

XBOX exclusive.

- Fable Legends

Cooperative experience where you can play as the villain. Place the enemies, traps, etc to take out the heroes. Looks interesting…

– MS just showed a video promoting its Project Spark. Looking to attract indie developers. Conker was cutting up the Project Spark logo.

– Ori and the Blind Forest

- Halo Master Chief Collection time

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition is completely remastered and multiplayer remains untouched. Can switch between new and original graphics at the touch of a button. Coming Nov. 11. Every thing is unlocked, includes 4000 gamer score.

- Halo Nightfall

In production. The story leads up to Halo 5

- Halo 5 Guardian Beta

60FPS on dedicated servers. Coming in December.

– Microsoft is really hammering home the fact that lots of new games will be available THIS YEAR, something a lot of people we worried about.

- Inside

Will be first on XBOX One.


- Rise of The Tomb Raider

Trailer for is now being shown. Actually got a chill on that one. Wasn’t expecting it. Holiday 2015.

- Witcher 3

Gameplay video of a somewhat powerful character. Video about a Griffin hunt. Looks like a really lush world. Fighting scene was pretty bad ass.

-Killer Instinct


- Phantom Dust


- Tom Clancy’s the Division

Looks pretty sweet. Liking what i’m seeing. I think it’s the best looking game to this point. The character dialogue is AWESOME. Sounds like you’re playing with real people. Really cool. I’m impressed.

- Scalebound

New exclusive XBOX One game from Platinum Games

- Crackdown

Is making a comeback as an XBOX One exclusive.

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