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The Stomping Land – Coming Soon

In an Age where survival games are overwhelmingly popular and Dinosaurs appear to be making a comeback, The Stomping Land seems to be the perfect combo everyone has been looking for. The best part? You don’t even have to wait long for it as it will be available on Steam on 5/30/14 as an Early Access Game for those looking to hunt some Dinos as soon as possible, and if you buy into early access you have the game permanently.

Originally the Brainchild of Alex Fundora, an animator that both worked for Trendy Entertainment and Bethesda (recognized in the “special thanks” section of the Skyrim credits),The Stomping Land was originally a KickStarter project that received funding almost immediately, gaining 4,427 backers and $114,060 in funding. That’s almost 6 times the original asking pledge!

The Stomping Land, while in Early Access, looks extremely promising with a ton of major gameplay features already implemented and even more to come:

6 Dinosaurs: Styracosaurus, Carnotaurus, Gallimimus, Parahelicoprion, Ankylosaurus, Stygimoloch.
Free-roam island with lakes/rivers/caves/forests and a surrounding beach/ocean.
Persistent Day/Night cycle with random rain+fog.
PVP weapon combat including roping prisoners.
Resource collection.
Crafting system includes campsite items(teepee/firpit etc). Craftable weapons include a bow and arrow, spear, and bolas.
Swimming + Fish + Spearfishing.
Tamable/Mountable dinosaurs.
Random dinosaur stampedes.
Tribe establishment with isolated chat.
Offline play (same game, solo).
Dedicated servers hosted by players.
Persistent character data per server.

The Stomping Land

The Stomping Land Synopsis via Steam (with permission from the Developers):

The Stomping Land is a multiplayer survival game about living in a world with dinosaurs. Form tribes, setup camp, and hunt down Earth’s historic beasts with the goal of becoming the dominant tribe on the island.

You are a hunter and a scavenger. You survive in a world with dinosaurs, and if any one of them catch you, they will end you in an instant. In fact, you can’t kill most dinosaurs with ease, and the ones that you can don’t provide plentiful amounts of food. It’s the large ones that matter. The ones with bone crushing jaws and skull smashing tails that roam the island and fight each other, who provide the food you want. It’s up to you to find methods of surviving for as long as possible, so you can tame these creatures to protect you from the relentless threatening engagements.

The Stomping Land game is currently under development, and we recommend to read the developer commentary above to get a solid insight on what to expect with your purchase.

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If this game appears to peak your interest check it out on Steam:Available on 5/30/14

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