Galaxy at War Online (GaW) Review

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Galaxy at War Online (GaW) Review

This is the kind of review I attempted to avoid writing from the very start. Everyone else on the site was like “Hey what about these?” and I always responded with a firm “No.”  I never wanted to admit this day would come but it finally has. I have found a phone/mobile game worthy of my time to review. Galaxy at War Online (also known as GaW by those who frequently play it).

At First GaW just seems like a typical Free-to-Play phone game. The game walks you through a quick tutorial and has you logging on every now and to check on your building progress and kick off construction on a new building if the old one has finished.  The graphics and gameplay have a similar feel to typical mobile games–where it almost feels like an RTS/Tower-Defense style game but isn’t. Also, like most multiplayer phone games, the game has heavy pay-to-win options in-game that takes the name of “Dark Matter”. Dark Matter plays a big part in GaW by allowing players to to move and rename planets, and gain a tactical advantage over other players. However, if you are ok with taking your time to become the best, you can earn Dark Matter through daily quests for free.

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GaW has quite an expansive map. The map consists of several “galaxies” in which there are several hundred “systems” and in each system there are several “planets”. What makes GaW a lot of fun is that every planet is human controlled, and you can attack any of them for resources.

GaW Planets

With there being so many human controlled planets, you can imagine how centered on a multiplayer experience the game really is. GaW has many ways to speak with other players. There is a real-time general chat box, an alliance chat box, and a private messaging box. All of the chat boxes help to add player interaction in the game and make it feel less like a normal mobile game.

Why do I find GaW worthy of a review? Well, unlike many other mobile games, it has an ever-changing endgame. After the basic mundane construction of your fleet and buildings the game turns into an all-out PVP (Player versus Player). There are many statistics, upgrades, and reports that make you actually contemplate who to attack, instead of mindlessly pressing the screen (like so many other phone games).

GaW Ships

Joining the right alliance will help you to survive and build your fleet strong enough to take on your enemies. You will need to learn terms such as “Fleet Save”, “Joint Strike”, and “Warp” from other alliance members and use them on a regular basis in order to become the very best that you can. GaW, unlike many other imitation games, is full of strategy and learning which reminds me of EVE Online and other MMO style games for the computer.

A Gamer’s Opinion:

GaW is the only game that I have been able to actually stick with on my phone; I have been playing it for about 4 months since DeviousToast introduced it to me and have found an alliance that has really helped me to learn the strategies of the game. If you choose not to buy Dark Matter (which I haven’t done in the 4 months of playing) GaW is completely free and is a lot of fun for being a free phone game. It is available here for free.


+ Easy to play if you do not have a lot of free time.

+ There are a lot of end games for those who stick with it for long enough.

+ There is a lot of multiplayer interaction.


– It can be extremely frustrating.

– It is very much pay to win.

– Requires a location with internet access or cellphone service to play.


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