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The Tomb Raider series has been around for a long time and there’s one reason for that, the game is well made. The superb mix of action, suspense, brain teasers, and story line all make us keep wanting to come back for more. The multiplicity of all sorts of different scenarios make the game incomparable to any other.  Within the first thirty minutes that I played though Tomb Raider my heart skipped a beat and it was the first time, in a long time, and that got me really excited for what else there was to come. Some scenarios here and there you had to get perfect or die trying. I died a lot. The game did kind of go off it’s original play style somewhat by adding in first person shooter mode as opposed to the old “flip around and shoot while in third person” mode. At first you got a bow and arrow. Later on you began to aquire an arsenal of other weapons including a handgun, grenade launcher and machine gun. I typically spent most of my time shooting my target with an arrow to get the silent kills. This of course led to Lots of blood and gore. They kept true to old style of the game franchise perfectly by pulling in notification sounds and other “ta’ting’s”. I don’t know if thats the accurately phonetic way of saying it but you get the picture. The graphics are great and there are tons of interactable objects within the Tomb Raider world. Doors, switches, and levers are all pretty similar to the older tomb raider games. It all starts out rather simple and easy in the beginning of the story and then later on it gets more difficult and complicated. This in my opinion is a good thing because you always feel like the game is getting better and better as time rolls by. The feeling of having accomplished a lot throughout the game and that feeling staying with you to the very end is what attracts me to continue playing any game. On top of that it doesn’t hurt having a main character that is, well…. kinda hot. If you happened to close your eyes while playing the game you might get the thought that instead you were actually watching porn. There seemed to be a lot of heavy breathing and panting from this girl. My thanks to the voice actress.

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Aside from that there were a ton of twists and turns that made you feel as if the game was about to end. About thirty percent of the way through Tomb Raider I felt as if the game was about to be over and the story would end.  Boy was I ever wrong. This kept me glued to my seat like some sorta gamer junkie (All things aside I kind of am). Tomb Raider is awesome and is well worth it’s money. I like how you got to see the transformation that lara goes through where she ends up becoming exactly as I remember her from the first Tomb Raider game I played, which was forever ago. I feel like a child again. Everything came back to me. The feeling of the controls having relatively the same feeling to them as well as most of the acrobatics, climbing and jumping to your death. At one point while I was playing the game I thought to myself, “exactly how big is this frickin island?!” Just trying to solve the puzzles alone is as exiliorating as it used to be if not better. The end of the game was great and it left things open for what I hope would be hints to a second game which left me thinking that I need to find answers…. I must understand.

A Gamers Opinion:

Everything about Tomb Raider is awesome. It’s true that I have been playing the tomb raider series for countless years now and the developers are really staying true to keeping the same feeling of the game. I never once felt bored or felt like something was being repetitive. I can not wait for the next one to be released. In reality I give the game a 9.5. In my brain I give it a 12. It was pretty epic.

The Good:

  • Even after beating the story line there are tons of more things you can do such as accomplisments or multiplayer mode.
  • Great storyline.
  • Long hours of gameplay.
  • Blood soaked Lara is hot.

The Bad:

  • Puzzles didn’t feel as hard as some of the older games.
  • Felt pretty linear.
  • Temples felt a lot smaller than they used to be.



A few of my own personal Deaths. Enjoy! >.>;

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