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Hey.. guess what? I got into the beta for Wild Star and I am going to tell you all about my experiences playing this stunning MMORPG. Interested? Well keep reading because there are a lot of things to discuss.

As far a game subscription models are concerned, Wild Star feeds off of the Play to Pay business model. This business plan is similar to that which was first implemented in EVE Online, but is even better! Now what is Play to Pay you ask? Heh… play to pay is a business model created for players that allows them to use their in game currency or “gold” to pay for C.R.E.D.D., a special in game item. When used, C.R.E.D.D will extend your subscription time. If you don’t have enough gold though you will still have to pay your monthly subscription normally. Though as it stands I feel this model is totally awesome because it helps to eliminate gold farmers and those “sketchy” websites of theirs. However, if you don’t get enough “gold” to produce a C.R.E.D.D. your payment options for the game get a little bit more complicated.

“How Is That Kraez?”

Well.. If you do not produce enough “gold” to earn a C.R.E.D.D. then you have two payment options. You have the option to BUY a C.R.E.D.D. for cash/card off of another player. The second option is to pay a base subscription of $14.99 a month if need be.

The story revolves around (Yes, you guessed it!) two factions in opposition of one another, The Exile and The Dominion. The Exiles want to find a new home to settle and of course the villainous Dominion are trying to claim the planet as their own, which in my opinion is always the biggest reason for factions to butt heads. As soon as you step into the game you are introduced to a very helpful guide who, in short, is your tutorial. In the tutorial you learn how to run, dodge, double jump and aim your attacks. There are even a few hidden eggs in the tutorial such as a jumping puzzle, so keep your eye peeled because you won’t be able to go back in once you get out and begin your questing. Speaking of which, between level one and ten you get to experience many cut scenes and strange characters who all build on the development of your character and the game itself. Now, I have only played as a Medic Class with the Explorer path, so therefore I know little about the others. The six classes you can play are the Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, Stalker and Medic.  Now with the four paths Explorer, Soldier, Settler and Scientist that can all be chosen by any of the classes you could imagine how many actual character storylines exist out in the world of the Nexus.  Here is a little video thanks to the Devs.

Official Video on Classes:

The controls and gameplay are so smooth and refined I felt like I  was playing an MMO that had been out for 2 years already, which shows how well thought out this game is. I was amazed at the artistic imagination that had gone into the details of the game as well. I found myself in awe as it’s almost like playing a game illustrated by Pixar. The character creation is  similar to the quality what you would expect from characters in The Incredibles. However, the character creation has all your typical preset “looks” which doesn’t allow you to create very unique characters like I have seen in many other MMORPGs. This isn’t really too much of a let down in my opinion. Now as far as the PvP in the game goes sorry, I really don’t know. But you know who does…whoever made this video I am about to show you.

Official Video on PVP:

Gamers Opinion:

The time that I got to play the game was great and I can’t wait for the game to come out so that I can play it again because I will be playing it. I am sort of on the fence between playing this and Elder Scrolls Online because the uniqueness of the game play mechanics are very similiar. Plus is doesn’t help the fact that my friends, as well as everyone else on this site, are more than likely going to play it.. A lot of people are saying Wild Star is another WoW clone but it is not! Yes you have your typical kill mobs quests but doesn’t every MMO out there? The game play doesn’t even compare to that of the UI minigame type of MMO that we all have seen time and time again. The developers, Carbine Studios, have really put a lot of thought into making this game different from any others.  I think the game is going to do very well especially with it’s Play to Pay model. This model makes me very happy mainly because I am not exactly the richest person out there and having another way to pay for my monthly subscription other than the dollar excites me. I intend to play it for quite some time too. If you are interested in experiencing the game you can always check out our twitch feeds because I will be streaming all of my gameplay there.

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The Good:

[list type=”ul” style=”1″]Great Storyline^Very Artistic^Fun Gameplay^Play to Pay business model^If you love jumping well.. your going to go nuts with the double jump[/list]

The Bad:

[list type=”ul” style=”2″]Repetitive Kill Quests^It Hasn’t been released yet^Does feel a bit like a button spammer[/list]


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