The Stomping Land Review: Updated 7/15

The Stomping Land - Dinos

The Stomping Land Review: Updated 7/15

Overall Rating
  • Dinosaurs
  • Bugginess

The Stomping Land Rolling Review:

Due to this game still being in early stages of development I will be re-visiting it every 5 weeks and updating the review to give it a fair shot. I will also not be giving it a star rating, but a rating of BUY or DO NOT BUY.

7/15/2014 (5.5 Weeks Later):

The game still appears to have the same core issues that were wrong with it in the first play through.

When i first opened up the game I scoped out the Options menu,  the Game Options and Audio Options were both still missing from it, but now I had four Video Options, even allowing me to play the game in full screen!

I joined a multiplayer server (I couldn’t double-click the server to join, I had to click once and then click connect to enter it). Once in the server I quickly discovered that the space bar brings up a “Customization Menu”, of course when I discovered this I was trying to jump while fleeing a dinosaur and died. I opened up the options and changed the “Customization Menu” to open when I press M and I changed jump from right-click to the spacebar. After this my game crashed, I closed and re-opened it and to my surprise my customized keyboard controls were all saved! I then entered my next test… crafting.

The Stomping Land Fire Pit Bug

Can’t Start a Fire While It’s Raining…

I collected ten pieces wood from a tiny shrub that appeared to have enough wood to build a hut out of, yet definitely couldn’t even hide in if I had to. I was going to attempt to craft a torch. I opened the “Customization Menu” as it seemed to be a crafting menu (it had names like recipes and crafting as tabs) this menu looks likely  to hold stats or even crafting options in the future but currently is absolutely useless. I had to resort to the action button and crafted a torch, of course a torch only takes two wood and all the rest of the wood was lost. Since the crafting menu isn’t in place and they haven’t created a unique way of combining stacks of materials, you still have to pick things up and put them down into new boxes (this game should be called Planet Fitness Land, not The Stomping Land). Oh, have I mentioned that the boxes disappear over time? So, if you go on a grand adventure and plan on stacking up resources first…. just don’t waste your time.

The Stomping Land Tag

About to Play Tag

While testing out all the combos of resources to see if I could make anything new I discovered a bow, definitely something new and cool. When I went to attack a dinosaur with the bow I was extremely disappointed, it quickly made me realize that the spear is much much better for close range as it kills in one hit and the bow kills in two. A dinosaur rammed while I was trying to swap my weapon to a spear and by the time I landed once it was too late, I died and did not drop any of my items which makes the game extremely frustrating. One positive this experience brought to light was that the dinosaurs did not appear to be bugged out and running through me anymore like 5 weeks ago.

TLDR; Dinosaurs don’t appear to be bugged anymore, key customizations save, and there is a bow and arrow. However, the game is still very buggy, and a lot of potential game changes have not yet been added to this game.

This game stays at the rating I gave it 5 weeks ago:

Do Not Buy - The Stomping Land is not worth a full $25 and it would be recommended to hold off until future updates are made a reality.


Not too long ago I wrote a preview about a game which promised Dinosaurs, Multiplayer, and so much more…. Well the day of reckoning for that game has come.

The Stomping Land both lives up to the hype in the sense that is a prehistoric game and yet at the same time does not live up to the hype at all. To be fair to the developers they do have a note that reads “If you wish to jump into a more finalized gameplay experience, it is recommended to not purchase the game until release, as all features require balancing, bug-fixing, and updates for smoother implementation.” In a bold, italicized font.

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For those of you with no prior knowledge of The Stomping Land, it was originally the Brainchild of Alex Fundora, an animator that both worked for Trendy Entertainment and Bethesda. The game was funded through a KickStarter project that most immediately gained 4,427 backers.

The Stomping Land - Harvesting

Have you ever wished you lived in an era where dinosaurs existed? Did you ever wish Turok was more realistic and did not have exploding arrows and rail-guns? Then The Stomping Land may be the perfect game for you, except for the blatant fact that it is extremely buggy in its current state. You will float in mid air while trying to cut down a tree or cut (yes cut, using an axe) stone out of a boulder. There is also occasionally the extreme twitching while trying to swim or climb rocks. The options screens are incomplete and the full-screen option freezes the game and requires a full restart if selected. Make sure not to devote too much time to setting up your perfect key-mapping, as the key-mapping will reset each server you go to and each time you restart the game.

The Stomping Land - Hunting Dinos

If you can get past the buggy state of the game, then you need to also get past the fact that there is currently not much to do in the game. You can cut trees and stone and stack them in boxes to make one of about 10 objects. *Be warned, even if you have 10 stone and 10 wood and make a torch (only takes 2 wood), all of the left over supplies are destroyed.* You can, OF COURSE, hunt dinosaurs once you make a spear, but the chances are the dinosaur will run through you and continue to glitch while you try to kill it. If the dinosaur doesn’t run through you it turns into a game of “who can land the first hit”, as whoever gets struck first dies. You can explore caves, but be warned, if you drop into a puddle and your torch goes out you will hate your life and be lost in the cave FOREVER. Lastly, you can PVP, but, like dinosaur hunting, it is very one-sided to whoever lands the first hit.

The Stomping Land - Building Options

The game has huge potential with future updates adding a less buggy environment, more objects to build, more dinosaurs to hunt, and more customizability.

However, in it’s current state:
Do Not Buy - The Stomping Land is not worth a full $25 and it would be recommended to hold off until future updates are made a reality.

The Good

  • Dinosaurs!
  • Multiplayer.

The Bad

  • Extremely Buggy.
  • Feels boring after the first 15 minutes.
  • Dead within seconds if you do not understand the game.


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