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Unturned – Zombies With a Twist

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Recently at my day job, the one that actually pays me, (my real job as this is a fake job) I was talking to one of my coworkers about the Destiny beta opening up, when I mentioned our website to him. After mentioning the website he immediately asked what my opinion of Unturned was, to which I responded, “Huh?”

At that point I knew I had to download it right when I got home… so I did.
Reader Discretionary Warning, I have only tried Unturned Single Player and will update after a Multiplayer Experience.

For those of you like me that never heard of this game before, Unturned is a mix of two popular trending genres in indie gaming: Zombie Survival and Sandbox Pixel. Unturned is currently set on Prince Edward Island, an island near Nova Scotia and Quebec in Canada for those of you unfamiliar with it, so be ready to see the red and white with maple leaves on every flag and army uniform you see!

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Unturned 2014-08-24 23-58-21-63

Pixel Form Canadian Flag

It’s fair to say Unturned reminds one of an even mix of DayZ and Minecraft. The game was Greenlit on Steam and released as early access on July 7th, 2014. While the game is in early access, it is completely playable with no planned end to the early access period as the developer believes early access will continue:“Most likely for several months, but it will depend on what the community thinks.”

I was extremely surprised with how thought out and complete the game felt despite being it in early access.

Unturned definitely draws from the current Zombie Survival King DayZ. You must eat food and drink water in order to survive on a day to day basis, also if you eat too much moldy food you can die of disease. You need to scavenge for good food and most things you find will be expired or just plain disgusting. Canned goods tend to be your best bet, and like in DayZ, the best gear tends to be hidden in army bases. Yes that’s right, there are Canadian Army Zombies. Lastly, of course, always be on the lookout for bandits while playing multiplayer.

Unturned 2014-08-24 23-56-06-64

Tripping on “Blue Berries”

Like in Minecraft, you can cut down trees and mine rocks in order to gather supplies for survival, but you need specific tools to do so else it takes FOREVER and even with the specific tools it still seemingly takes forever. In a few cases I would be cutting down a tree with a hacksaw and a pixel zombie would walk all the way across a rather large field and start attacking me before I gained anything from the tree. You can also farm crops and hunt animals for means of gathering supplies to survive. As you can imagine, since Minecraft seems to be a major influence of this game, crafting is an extremely important mechanic. Build fires to cook, fortify houses, or even modify your weapons, sadly there doesn’t seem to be as big of a creative crafting mechanism in place as there is in Minecraft but once again, Unturned is in early access and bodes potential with the current options.

Unturned has some unique cards up it’s sleeve as well. Each zombie you kill nets you experience points that you can use on different skills which help you survive, ranging from endurance and aim when using weapons, all the way to being more ninja-like when you walk around. Plus you can find some very funny unique costumes laying around throughout towns. I myself decided I would look rather dapper in a killer chef outfit with a giant pixel grin across my overly happy apocalyptic face.

There are two things that currently make Unturned a must have in my mind. The developer’s commitment to taking ideas from polls and forums and placing them into the game and the fact that the game is completely free, with a 5 dollar option to become a “gold account member”. The developer promises the gold accounts will never gain anything that will make the game pay to win, but instead will gain cool new character models and gold status servers.

Unturned 2014-08-25 00-52-51-77

Gold Membership

Unturned starts off allowing you to carry only four items, which you can image would be extremely difficult to survive a zombie apocalypse with. There were a few instances where I found myself completely frustrated that I was required to find a backpack and could not build a bigger backpack out of all the cloth I was holding.

At points I challenged myself to see how many zombies I could take down without using ammo as I was starting to get bored playing single player, it almost felt too easy to survive once you find a rather large backpack. Half of the fun in this game seems to be fortifying bases and setting traps, however, none of that is needed in single player as the zombies do not seek you out and attack in waves, but instead only attack if you get within a certain range of them (or fire a gun you found).

Unturned being free trumps the fact that you may occasionally get bored because, well, it’s free! Even if you eventually get bored you at least had fun until that point of boredom. Plus you can always try out multiplayer!

The multiplayer option requires you to know the IP address of a server (or web address of a DNS’ed server) in order to join a game, this can be quite annoying for those who are not part of a gaming community that are looking for random people to play the game with. However, this also helps filter out the trolls as this game offers the ability to PVP, and become bandits by killing other players and stealing all of their survival gear. More on multiplayer coming once I make/find a server to test it on.

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