Diablo 3 Review (console version)


Diablo 3 Review (console version)

Ahhhh Diablo 3. This game was a blast from couch co-op, to online co-op, to single player. A giant loot frenzy RPG set in the lands of Sanctuary. Diablo 3 sets the bar high for a loot based RPG.

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In Diablo 3 you play one of five different classes: Monk, Demon-Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, or Witch Doctor and help Deckard Cain (and accomplices) stop Diablo. Let me start by saying this, I played Diablo 3 on PC and enjoyed it. But when it comes to the console version I LOVED it!

Graphically you won’t notice much of a difference depending on your PC rig and what settings you chose to run. Where you will notice a difference is in the controls; they are a huge improvement! I love the fact that you have complete control of your character. The classic point and click control is OK but I prefer a stable control over point and click any day. The menus are easy to navigate and lag is practically non-existent. I also love the dodge roll ability. This especially comes in handy when fighting the minions of hell who shoot projectiles.

Diablo 3 does a great job with providing the game replay value. With its multiple difficulty settings, gamers have the ability to replay the campaign to gain better loot by picking a harder difficulty level. The difficulty level is fully adjustable to accommodate both beginners and veteran Diablo players alike.

Comparing Diablo 3 to other console RPG games it is easily one of the best. On consoles there are not many games like Diablo 3. This makes it a great addition to the variety of games currently available on consoles. With that being said, if you are looking to switch it up from the typical shooter, sandbox game, driving game, or shooter routine, Diablo 3 is a perfect purchase to do so. Diablo 3 is a game you will keep, and continue to have fun replaying over and over again. With its enemy spawns, loot and other random goodies, you won’t get the same experience twice which is awesome! I mean who doesn’t love to watch their character go from a weakling to a BEAST who can take out 10 to 20 enemies in a single blow!?

A Gamer’s Opinion:

If you like loot based RPG games and you have yet to pick this bad boy up….. GO NOW! The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is awesome, and the controls are awesome! I couldn’t find much about the game that I disliked at all! I just wished the story was a bit longer because I enjoyed this game so much. Fortunately, this is not a deal breaker. The multiple difficulty levels alleviate the short story; I will gladly play harder difficulty levels to enjoy its challenges and find better loot! Diablo 3 is a must play. Go out and get a copy now and save Sanctuary from the diabolical schemes of Diablo himself!

The Good:

The king of loot based RPGs
Improved controls over the PC version
Great replay value

The Bad:

Short story
Graphics not improved from the PC version

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