Welcome, SuperEarth’s finest recruits (that’s you)! Today we’ll be delivering Freedom throughout the universe and discussing those brave heroes we all aspire to be like, so sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice cup of LiberTea, prospective Helldivers!
First, however, a brief overview of our plight! SuperEarth’s population grows, and with it, our need for precious resources! It is the duty of our brave Helldivers to drop from orbit onto far off worlds and decimate the heathens who reside there, denying us those sweet, sweet resources we need to maintain our way of life. Our heroic boys and girls with bullets and guts will be expected to complete various objectives while securing our resources and going up against (and triumph over) three oppressive races:

  • The Illuminates, a tech-centric society fond of using sneaky tools such as cloaking devices, energy weapons, and energy shields that would have even made Tesla blush.


  • The Cyborgs, vile terrorists who were once as human as you and I. They have perverted their bodies with various technologies and that’s just not right.


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  • The Bugs, whose only purpose seems to be to breed and destroy. Also, they icky.

As the Helldivers gain experience through the glories of war, they will begin to unlock new weapons (once unlocked, you can upgrade them further through research points collected on your missions!), new perks, and a Diver’s best friend, stratagems. These consist of extra weapons, ordnance and vehicles. Stratagems must be called in through coded radio broadcast’s and will be delivered in a timely fashion the same way the Divers themselves are: In a drop pod fired straight into the ground from space. Cool! Keep an eye to the sky though, as there have been several reports of stratagems landing right on top of our elite soldiers. Should you or one of the other Helldivers at your side have such an unfortunate event occur while delivering Freedom, never fear! Replacement Helldivers are at the ready to be called in to continue the fight.


Missions will be monitored from a bird’s eye perspective, and the Helldivers themselves can be controlled using a twin-stick style technology. Battles will be fought throughout the universe on a seemingly endless amount of planets, each with different climates and environmental hazards. Divers will be expected to handle fast paced, hardcore combat in which they are almost always severely outnumbered. Missions can be tackled by a team of up to four Helldivers (some you may know already, most you won’t), or even by just a solitary soldier. Watch out for your reinforcements who have no control over their drops pods, as previously stated they may just land on your head ending your military career early. Divers will be expected not to dilly-dally in one place, as our foes have great numbers and will keep on coming! While managing all of this, Helldivers must keep an eye on their fire, as we have yet to fully understand anti-friendly fire, and no one wants to be the cause of an ally’s demise! Quite a challenge, but they are our most elite for a reason!

Keep all I’ve taught you here today at the forefront of your mind; With a hightened sense of resolve, a strong backbone, and the desire to annihilate all whom we disagree with, you just may find yourself standing proudly and victoriously amongst the one and only Helldivers! In summation, Prospects, get out there and start diving into these hellish battles! Do it for your family! Do it for yourself! Above all, do it for SuperEarth!

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