Holiday Shopping Guide, ProGameReviews Style


Holiday Shopping Guide, ProGameReviews Style

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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! It’s that time of the season again boys and girls. The time when we sit back and reflect on how blessed we’ve been over the past year. A season for spending time with our family and loved ones. A time when we forgo self satisfaction (not that kind pervert, I’m talking about Christmas here) and instead focus on giving to others.

Well, that’s the idea anyway. However, this is America. It’s a time to go big or go home. This is a time when we compete with our neighbors for the biggest holiday light show. A time when people camp out in front of stores for the best deals around and will literally trample anyone in their way to get it.

However you decide to spend this holiday season, chances are you WILL be shopping. As always, ProGameReviews is here for you. We’re putting together OUR list of deals to be on the look out for. A list of the BEST video game and tech related deals available. As always, feed back is welcome. If you find a deal you think we should include let us know.

Now, let the shopping begin:

News and Announcements:

  • Starting NOW, big box retailer Walmart will officially price match on line retailer Amazon. Up until this point Walmart would only match other brick and mortar stores but desperate times call for desperate measures. So if you’re al Walmart this holiday season be sure to check you Amazon app. Then bask in the holiday spirit as you hold up the line and wait for a manager to approve all your price matches.
  • In what I think is a Black Friday first, Target has updated its cell phone app with maps showing the location of Black Friday deals and door busters.
  • Want a leg up on the competition at Walmart? Check out the Black Friday store map that show your local store and where the deals are located within. Follow THIS LINK and select “Get your store map.”

Everything Video Games:



Computer Related Goodies:

  • iPad Air 2: Save $100 on all iPad Air 2 models at BestBuy


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