Top Android Game Picks

Brave Brigade

Top Android Game Picks

Top Android Game Picks

This is Kraez’s list of the Top Android Game Picks you can download for your phone or tablet. Enjoy!

Brave Brigade – This anime styled turn based adventure game will keep you busy for hours.

Golf Star – It’s pretty much the best golf game out there.. ever.

Golf Star

Fifa 14 – EA Sports delivers a very realistic game. One that I am sure is going to get addicted if you aren’t already.

Fifa 14

Battle G. Girls – PvP card game that plays like the dice game 3’s or Tripps.

Battle G. Girls

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed – This action rpg is one of the best hack and slash games I have seen in a while.

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

Sky Force – Blaster, reminds me of Tiger Heli for Nintendo. Pretty enjoyable shooter.

Sky Force

Spirit Stones - Have fun playing this Puzzle RPG with a TCG twist!

Spirit Stones

Jelly Splash – One of the best block Puzzlers out there. I’m sure you probably know this game already.

Jelly Splash

Slingshot Braves – This slingshot movement style adventure game is definitely unique and a must try.

Slingshot braves

Heroes War – Another Turn based adventure type game that you may want to check out.

Heroes WarAngry Birds Epic - yep you guessed it! The makers of angry birds make an RPG type game.

Angry Birds EpicHope you all enjoy!

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Born and raised playing video games on the Magnavox Odyssey 2 system and PC I've grown to love gaming as much as the next guy.

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