ComiCONN: Matt Bessette’s Daemone Slayer for Hire


ComiCONN: Matt Bessette’s Daemone Slayer for Hire

Daemone: Slayer For Hire: Ad Initium (Volume 1) is a graphic novel/comic set in the near future after commercialization caused the United States to collapse. The United States buckling led to a need for people like Daeomone, a paid mercenary or “Slayer for Hire”, to keep the streets free of Monsters, Bandits, and Vampires; but of course the services come at a price. Daemone and his crew made up of Sirus, his 10,000 year old mentor, and Marean, an out-of-place teenage girl, are on their way to what seems to be just another job when something unforeseen occurs. Lilith, the first vampire has initiated a plan to lead the world to utter destruction and chaos.
Will Daemone’s morals stop him from saving the world? If not, will he get paid? What is Sirus/how could he possibly be 10,000 years old? You’ll just have to read the comic/graphic novel to find out for yourself!

Matt Bessette, Daemone’s author and illustrator, is from the Boston area and went ot New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University and has been a life long comic fan. He draws heavy influence from European and Asian comic books (and Mangas) as well as American comics (of course). Matt created Daemone as a young adult when he realized there was a void in comics; none of the comic books had characters that were driven by survival instincts, instead all characters that existed were driven by the need to be a hero or gain revenge.

Off the camera Matt brought up some interesting points on how comic books were originally printed by news paper companies on their left over paper and distributed by the news paper companies, and how that led to their current size and that the 9″X6″ is a much more accessible and tolerable size for a comic than their current size. Thus why Daemone: Slayer for Hire is 9″X6″ and not 10.25″X6.75″.

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Matt is currently working on the storyboard for the next Daeomone issue and plans to have the entire process done around April 2015.

For more information on Matt and his creations be sure to check out 1725 Studios’ website:

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