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Destiny Rolling Review: It’s a group thang… maybe

Destiny is the MMOFPS behemoth by Bungie that was supposed to revolutionize the genre and save the next gen consoles pitiful library of games. Did Destiny succeed?


RIP Destiny loot cave, you were loved / hated

For Destiny players, today is a sad / happy day depending on who you are. For you see today was the day that Bungie swung its mighty nerf bat and hit loot cave high over the outfield wall. If you somehow […]


Destiny E3 Wrap Up

One of the most hyped games of the year and as such has a lot to live up to. Therefore, it came as no surprise to anyone that it made a strong appearance AT E3 this year.


Destiny The Game Beta Code Giveaway

Attention all Destiny fans! Are you chomping at the bit like a crazed animal waiting for Bungie to release Destiny? Well, never fear because Progamereviews has your back! Bungie has announced that it will be randomly posting beta codes on its TWITTER […]


New Destiny Trailer and Beta Info

GARD Pro Not RegisteredThe new Destiny trailer makes it seem like Earth is bringing its fight to the Moon, where an evil race of aliens had been living and planning an attack against Earth for centuries. The trailer also makes […]


Destiny’s Official Box Art

Destiny’s official box art has been released!   GARD Pro Not Registered   Can you say BADASS? While simplistic this official box art wraps up what Destiny is quite nicely, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game that includes guns and more than […]