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Windows 10 Event News

You may not have know but MS had a big Windows 10 party today. Unlike Apple’s announcements, where the clouds part and the light shines down from heaven to illuminate the smiling faces of Apple fan boys world wide, Microsoft’s announcements […]


Xbox One with Two Updates Coming Soon

Who Knew They Could Count? Xbox One Coming Out With It’s Second and Third Updates By Mid March. The Xbox One has had one update so far on December 10th. Two months later, on February 11th, 2014, their second update […]


Xbox One’s Dashboard and Kinect Features on Display

On 11/7 Microsoft posted a ‘live’ demo of the Xbox One’s dashboard and features. The 12-minute video revolves around Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten showcasing the dashboard and all of the different, new, things you can do using the Xbox […]


Titanfall’s exclusive deal

And so the rumor was put to rest (And so the Titan’s exclusiveness has fallen) Titanfall will not be coming to the PlayStation 4 and “is exclusively only, for the lifetime of the title, on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and […]


Xbox One Leak

This is a video of a kid using a beta Xbox One and I would assume breaking the NDA either he, or his parent had agreed to. The Xbox One leak shows off footage from the new game Ryse, along […]


Xbox One Official Release Date

Microsoft has just revealed it’s official release date for the Xbox One: November 22, 2013. The Xbox One will launch on the 22nd in the US for $499 and include the console, a wireless gamepad, the new Kinect, a headset, and […]