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Wait, Link can drive?

Where’s Epona? What is going on? There’s something exciting coming to Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. Two new DCL packs were just announced and each one is packed full of awesomeness.  Each pack will contain three new characters, four […]


Nintendo’s E3 2014 Event

Nintendo stole the show with new franchises and and amazing sequels.


Luigi’s done playin with everyone

GARD Pro Not RegisteredLook, for years… YEARS, Luigi has played second fiddle to Mario. “Oh Mario, my hero.” “Mario your the best.” “Mario, your mustache is Mustachie.” All this time, Luigi’s been helping Mario get the girl, save the princess, […]


Nintendo Direct December 2013 News

Nintendo held its last direct press event for 2013 this morning and didn’t disappoint. Below I will try to summarize what I thought were the interesting points in regards to the Wii U. Hyrule Warriors’ 3D I’ll start off with […]


WiiU Price Drop & Wind Waker HD Limited Edition

Recently Nintendo came out with some exciting news, the WiiU 32GB Deluxe Set is going to be only $300 starting September 20th, 2013. This $50 drop puts the 32GB Deluxe Set at the same price as the 8GB Basic Set, […]


Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has announced a new handheld gaming console, the 2DS. The 2DS, out on October 12th and priced at $130, has been met with confusion. It will be able to play both DS and 3DS games, similar to the 3DS, […]