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H1Z1 Early Access Review

You find yourself in a field. You look around but see nothing of note. Trees in the distance; tall grass and berry bushes dot the landscape. You stop and listen: crickets, wind, and a lone wolf howls far in the […]


Wildstar Release Date

GARD Pro Not RegisteredThe release date of WildStar has been announced! The game will go live on June 3rd with pre-orders starting on March 19th. There will be two versions of the game available for purchase: the Standard Edition and […]


Ludum Dare 28

No i’m not drunk and i din’t misspell the title of this post either. Though you could never tell by its name, Ludum Dare 28 is: A regular accelerated game development Event.  Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, […]


Blizzard: Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone Betas

Blizzard updated the world on the status of it’s two betas today at BlizzCon. Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone are accepting beta sign-ups starting today people! Here’s how to get in on the action: 1. Head on over to battle.net and log […]