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Playstation update v2.0 to add Share Play: Gamescom

Playstation update v2.0 to add Share Play


Sony’s PlayStation E3 2014 Event Live in Movie Theatres

Yeah, that’s right. If you’re scratching your head and furrowing your brow in confusion then you look just like I did when I heard about this. Well, a much less handsome version of how I looked but what can you […]


NSA Spying on Video Games

GARD Pro Not RegisteredWell folks, the party’s over. Remember all those dirty little fantasies you acted out in that dark corner of Orgamire with that hot half naked Orc? Remember how you waxed poetic to some random online girl (or […]


The PlayStation app is now available for free

The PlayStation app is now available in the App Store your iOS devices and in the Google Play store for those of  you with Android devices. Best part? It’s Free. PlayStation App 3After playing with the PlayStation app for a […]


The PlayStation 4 Comes with Free Stuff!

For a limited time, Sony is showering PlayStation 4 buyers with free stuff. Now included with the launch consoles (and possibly even further into the future) are codes for 30 free days of PlayStation Plus, 30 free days of PlayStation […]


How to use a DualShock 4 Controller with a PlayStation3

Are you stuck staring at the beautiful Dualshock 4 and Killzone 4 combo like so many others are? Do you wish you could make use of them as something other than decoration or coasters for the next two weeks? Don’t […]


BioShock Infinite Burial at Sea Gameplay and Theories

This post contains spoilers to both Burial at Sea and the original BioShock Infinite. If you have not completed BioShock Infinite I would advise you to click the back button so you do not spoil anything. These 5 minutes of […]


New Destiny Trailer and Beta Info

The new Destiny trailer makes it seem like Earth is bringing its fight to the Moon, where an evil race of aliens had been living and planning an attack against Earth for centuries. The trailer also makes it sound like […]


What Do Tacos And The PS4 Have In Common?

You can get both tacos and the PS4 from Taco Bell. Did you miss your chance to pre-order a launch day PlayStation4? Do you want a chance to win a free PS4 before it is even released? Do you like […]


New PlayStation Vita Model

GARD Pro Not RegisteredDuring Monday’s pre-Tokyo Games Show press conference Sony released a lot of news of new devices entering the PlayStation family (as if to cover the fact that Japan will not be getting the PS4 until much later). […]