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RIP Destiny loot cave, you were loved / hated

GARD Pro Not RegisteredFor Destiny players, today is a sad / happy day depending on who you are. For you see today was the day that Bungie swung its mighty nerf bat and hit loot cave high over the outfield wall. […]


The PlayStation 4 Comes with Free Stuff!

For a limited time, Sony is showering PlayStation 4 buyers with free stuff. Now included with the launch consoles (and possibly even further into the future) are codes for 30 free days of PlayStation Plus, 30 free days of PlayStation […]


Holiday Gaming Sales Guide

It’s that magical time of the year again. The time where you forego personal satisfaction and spend your hard earned cash on your loved ones or some random guy from the office Secret Santa event. Yeah right! Who are you […]


What Do Tacos And The PS4 Have In Common?

You can get both tacos and the PS4 from Taco Bell. Did you miss your chance to pre-order a launch day PlayStation4? Do you want a chance to win a free PS4 before it is even released? Do you like […]


Japan’s PS4 Release Date

GARD Pro Not RegisteredMonday during an annual pre-Tokyo Games Show press conference Sony released all sorts of news including the PlayStation Vita TV (link to other article) and a new model of the PlayStation Vita (link to other article) but […]