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H1Z1 Early Access Review

You find yourself in a field. You look around but see nothing of note. Trees in the distance; tall grass and berry bushes dot the landscape. You stop and listen: crickets, wind, and a lone wolf howls far in the […]


Highlights from the 2014 PlayStation Experience

2015 marks the first of what is sure to be many PlayStation Experience events. What the heck is the PlayStation Experience you say? Well, in a similar vain to Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct events, but on a larger and grander scale, […]


PlayStation 4 firmware 2.01 Released

Yup, Sony has finally released an update for their latest update. The new update. 2.01, should fix the issues so many of us are experiencing when putting our PlayStations to sleep, or “Rest Mode” as it’s now called. GARD Pro Not Registered If some […]


Metrico: A bad trip or a rewarding puzzle game?

Metrico is a unique puzzle platformer for the PS Vita. At first glance it may not look like much but if you give it a try you might just be rewarded with a great little puzzler.


Sony’s PlayStation E3 2014 Event Live in Movie Theatres

Yeah, that’s right. If you’re scratching your head and furrowing your brow in confusion then you look just like I did when I heard about this. Well, a much less handsome version of how I looked but what can you […]


The PlayStation app is now available for free

The PlayStation app is now available in the App Store your iOS devices and in the Google Play store for those of  you with Android devices. Best part? It’s Free. PlayStation App 3After playing with the PlayStation app for a […]


Sony’s Surprise Announcement: The PS Vita TV

Earlier this week at the pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony made several announcements, including a new PS Vita, but one announcement took everyone by surprise. A new product: The PS Vita TV. The PS Vita TV is a tiny […]