Windows 10 Event News


Windows 10 Event News

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You may not have know but MS had a big Windows 10 party today. Unlike Apple’s announcements, where the clouds part and the light shines down from heaven to illuminate the smiling faces of Apple fan boys world wide, Microsoft’s announcements are usually a bit less grand and salivated over.

This time around though Microsoft had some really interesting, dare I say exciting, announcements. Now look, nothing’s as exciting as a good old fashioned Balmer freak show

but todays event came pretty damn close… minus the armpit sweat. Below are a few standout announcements. I concentrated on gaming related information because this is a gaming site after all.


This was the big one that caught everyone, well at least me, by surprise. Microsoft jumping in the VR ring? Well why not? All the cool kids are doing it. So details are a bit scarce at the moment but this doesn’t appear to be a full blown VR experience. Rather, its more of an augmented reality user interface that’s available in Windows 10. To take advantage of this tech you’ll need the aforementioned Windows 10 AND the HoloLense; a wearable headset similar in concept to the Oculus. Check out the videos below to see for your self.


So what did you think? Not a tiny bit interested? I mean come on! This is the Matrix meets the Minority Report people.

Game Streaming

Have a Xbox One? Have a Windows 10 based PC or tablet? Good. You will soon be able to stream games from your Xbox One to that Windows 10 device. Not too shabby. This seems like it will work similarly to Sony’s solution of streaming to the Vita or certain of its cell phones. But MS has added a few additional features. Windows 10 will have access to your Xbox One friends list and achievements. You’ll also be able to record and edit your gameplay with a built in Xbox app on Windows 10. Not too shabby.

Xbox app on every PC and tablet running Windows 10

Yup, this one’s pretty self explanatory and a smart move by Microsoft. Like taking a page out of Apples playbook, this is another thing linking all of Microsoft’s devices so that you become invested in their infrastructure.

Universal Apps

With Windows 10, apps will be universal. This means that Windows 10 apps will eventually be found on the Xbox One and Microsoft phones.

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