About us

Hello and welcome to Pro Game Reviews,

My name is Oliver and I am the founder and creator of Po Game Reviews.

I am a 20-something gaming and technology buff who has so far dedicated his life to the miraculous world of technology, development and of course, gaming.

My first gaming experience was an old-school Nintendo which I received as a birthday present for my 11th birthday. It was a console all the popular kids had at school so when I unwrapped the shiny silver paper on a cold November’s morning, I couldn’t believe my luck. I had played it a few times with friends but having my own would really ignite my love for gaming and set me on the path I’m taking today.

As technology progressed, I was always keen to get my hands on the latest consoles and games, I would trade games I had completed in school and set up a fairly profitable little business by the time I was 16.

When I reached college, I undertook IT studies and in university progressed to study Gaming Design and Development at  Staffordshire University.

This was my first time, like many, of being away from home and I really tried to relish every moment. University wasn’t quite for me but the course did give me an incredible foundation for what I wanted to do in life.

Following graduating, I was offered a graduate job working for one of the largest gaming manufacturers in the world. It was an incredible opportunity as I was spending 4-6 weeks within each department, getting a feel for the company, industry and departments as I went along.

At the end of the year-long programme, I was offered a position working within the development department. That was 6 years ago and I am still working with the same company, and still loving my job.

Pro Game Reviews

I created Pro Game Review so I could talk to and meet other like-minded gaming enthusiasts who like me, just can’t get enough of the gaming world. Over the 2 years it has been up and running, it has become a real community for gamers to enjoy and has slightly expanded its scope to feature a wider IT market.

From the latest games to phone technology, web development and everything else, Pro Game Reviews is a blog where you can find it all.

I get many people asking me who I work for and what I do exactly but for the sake of keeping this blog neutral, I do not wish to disclose that kind of information and I hope that everyone respects that.

If you have any other questions for me though, would like to know how I got onto my university course or if you need some advice on what console to purchase, then please contact me here and I’d be happy to help.

I furthermore welcome contributors, so if you’re a writer who is passionate about gaming and IT, then we’d love to feature your blogs on Pro Game Reviews, simply visit the write for us page for more information.