10th April 2018

Is WWE 2K18 Worth Your Time and Money?

Wrestling lovers had huge expectations from the new installment from WWE games. Although, it is not perfect, yet it solves some issues and includes new features to please the most hardcore wrestling enthusiast. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this game before deciding if it is right for you.

The positives

Gameplay has improved

Do you remember the time when wrestling games sucked? Well, things have changed as 2K18 has set a benchmark for other developers to follow. Although there are few controller issues, yet the over experience has become smoother. The moments when a player has to face irritating glitches have been considerably reduced.


I won’t be wrong to claim that WWE 2K18 has become the flag bearer for visual presentation in a wrestling game. Developers have been keen on focusing on smaller aspects like crowd, lighting, pyro, etc. which makes the game a treat to watch. Crowd reactions and player entrances have been improved meanwhile arenas, and backstage looks more believable now. Again, era-specific filter work as icing on the cake.

It’s quite limitless

The changes applicable on a character are literally endless. From fabric to multi-layered clothing, a player is bound to get overwhelmed while developing a wrestler.  The whole process is much more satisfying than what we experience in NBA 2K18.

The Negatives

There are glitches

Informed before, the game still tackles with few glitches here and there. It has been noticed that rules of wrestling are somewhat compromised, and sometimes entrance music and pyro do not work accordingly. One would argue that things cannot be as perfect as real-world happenings but compared to the advancements included in other games we expect WWE to be more precise.

Promos are not lifelike

We all are so used to judge promos that in a case when real voices are not used we just cannot enjoy stuff. If John Cena does not deliver promos in his own godly voice, then the entire segment loses its importance.  War of words should be entertaining and engaging, but all it turns down is to be a boring segment.

Commentary lacks charm

It’s time that we should stop expecting anything from WWE games commentary team. After so many versions wrestling games have never able to produce top-notch commentary even for a single match. If you do not trust the power of commentators, then try to enjoy wrestling after switching off the volume.

Load time can be irritating

The MyCarrer mode is criticized for numerous loading screens and the amount of time wasted by them. Few players have reported to spend as much as four minutes in choosing a suitable opponent during RTG.

Perhaps, there are many pros and few flaws in the game but if you have played any wrestling game before then “disappointed” won’t be your rating. The game is far ahead of its competitors who lack the technical superiority and financial backup to build a worthy game.  If you are still trying to find a better or more attractive game, then you should stop wandering and play with the icons of the industry.

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