15th May 2018

Reasons You Should Play PUBG

The game is everywhere, be it on social media or daily talks among friends. Here we give four reasons to download the game without any hesitation.

Gunfire is more realistic

The realism portrayed in the game extends to the action sequences. Just like in real life, the recoil felt after each shot is as realistic as it can get. The feel is also different with various weapons available in the game plus reloading takes the exact same needed in real time.

Again, the game demands greater accuracy as the characters are not close and distributed over a large playing zone. Although, the task is challenging for beginners yet the game does rewards players who think ahead of time and kill their opponents in record time. Finally, you do not need the best of the weapons to improve your levels which makes the game hard to resist.

The gameplay is better than Fortnite

For those who are still confused between the two games, we suggest them to watch the gameplay on YouTube. The first thing you will notice is that PUBG does not allow is players to perform unimaginable tasks. Unlike Fortnite, players cannot build structures out of thin air or kill opponents with their bright colored weapons. The seriousness and no-nonsense attitude of the game makes PUBG a better option for those who want to feel the real deal.

Furthermore, the controls of the game become difficult with time that raises the stakes that attract the adrenaline junkies. The thrill you feel while playing the game cannot be expressed in words. Thus, the rush makes more enjoyable and charming.

Plus if you use something like a dota 2 boost then you can also play with other players that are at your skill level which makes the gameplay ten times more enjoyable and exciting than just playing with lower-level players sometimes and higher-level other times.

It’s more violent

It might seem gory to some, but for the hardcore gaming community PUBG is the best bet. Fortnite is better for kids as it is less visually overwhelming. But, for the most exhilarating and immersive experience “PlayerUnknown’s” beats its competition.

The decision to include violence in the game was to differentiate it from current multilayer missions. Meanwhile, over the top action and unrealistic stunts were excluded from the game. It has been noticed that first-person shooters keep things fairly easy for players. On the other hand, the mid violence depicted in PUBG creates strong emotions and involuntary reactions.

It’s adventurous

Due to its large map, the players have to cover long distances for which they have bikes, cars, and boats. Like any other games, a player has to reach a small circle of the playable area, but he also has the option to use the vehicle to save precious time. The feature is best suited for defensive players that try to avoid face to face shootouts. Thus, the game has plenty of options for the cautious people as well as the wild ones. Furthermore, the bigger vehicles can be used to mow down the enemies right away.

All in all, PUBG is a package which has the potential to impress even the most critical of gamers. If you are still confused about the game, we advise you stop calling yourself a gamer.

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