1st April 2018

The Best Games to Watch Out For In 2019

2019 will be a year of new games and captivating sequels. Here is the list of some gems guaranteed to be launched sometime in the next year.


Bioware has a lot of expectations from Anthem after developing the flop “Mass Effect: Andromeda.” The studio best known for its role play games has put in everything to make Anthem its best product ever. You will have to fight against gigantic challenges- both monsters and natural threats. The suits are upgradable, and they would also define the class of the character. The story will be penned by Drew Karpyshyn who was also the author of “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” and the first two Mass Effect game. We can only hope that the company comes up with an extraordinary game to answer the critics once in for all.

Metro: Exodus

The postapocalyptic scenario from the Metro series has always been enough to captivate the players, but its stealth-based challenges and first-person shooting potentials have made it worth waiting for. Last two editions had a great story, and the third one is set to take the game to new heights. You would have hours to play in each stage only if you survive.  A player will have to manage his own supplies, gather weapons and be really careful about surviving among lurking monsters.

The Division 2

With time the game has developed from a flawed project to an astonishing multiplayer shooter. The new version will be launched on March 15, 2019, which will probably be better, bigger, and more refined than its predecessor.

The game will be played in the capital city where you will have to shoot and loot objects to survive in a situation of civil war. Thus, a player will never be short of things to accomplish as well as enjoy the tense player-versus-player, Dark Zone. Ubisoft has learned from its earlier mistakes and has been able to instill the charm missing the first division.

Fire Emblem

Nintendo’s longtime wait to introduce the legendary game into the mainstream has come true. A player will have the opportunity to choose between magic spells, attacks, and three houses. You never fight alone as the player is supported by random grunts that take care of enemy’s cannon fodder while you get the option to terminate the bigger guns.

The trailer clearly tells that the game is divided into three sections. You will also be able to chat with anonymous people that come across during your run through various castles. It is still a vague prediction as a lot has to be learned about the game, which is being kept under the wraps. Experts believe that other parts of the game will not be providing anything astonishing. The game will possibly be launched somewhere in the second quarter of 2019.

The next year seems quite promising for the gaming industry. It is being believed that there are many more games not trying to cash in the initial hype. We can only hope to encounter better games next year.

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