20th February 2018

The Reason behind Subway Surfers’ Crazy Popularity

Subway Surfers has been among the most respected and popular games of all time. Last month, it achieved the 2 billion downloads mark making it enter the list of the most elite and most played games in the world. Let’s explore what makes this simple running game so popular.

Psychology works

The only reason something becomes popular is due to our psychology. A game needs few accolades to satisfy all the needs of our psychological expectations. This is the only reason we become addicted to some things without putting any effort. You can take the example of smoking which starts as an experiment but eventually becomes a habit.

Thus, Subway Surfer tickles those wires of our brain that are prone to addiction. We feel the urge to try one more time and play our best. Furthermore, the game in itself is not very difficult which makes a player believe in his capabilities and play along.

Makes you a rebel

The main character of the game works as a rebel who wanders around a railway track to collect coins and helpful objects. Hence, you become the one person to gain wealth against the law by using your capabilities. You do whatever you want, whenever you want while being chased down by an officer.

Moreover, the colors, background, and graphics of the game develop an essence of coolness and adventure right through the start of the game. If you are one of the wild ones, then you will enjoy the game without a doubt.

It fulfills the childhood dreams 

It somehow matches the above point. Most of us have to follow rules that we do not like which instills the need for freedom. This game acknowledges the same need but in a safe virtual environment. It is the main factor for people of all age groups to enjoy the game apart from kids. Through its endless gameplay, it takes a test of your patience and reactive skills.

Luckily, you won’t be addicted to the game even after playing it for a long time. It’s that kind of a game that comes up as a rescuer every time you feel bored or think of something to do to kill time. Moreover, you do not have the pressure to achieve a specific target or change characters to attain a specific goal. You break the rules and gain wealth at the same time without causing any harm to anybody.

It’s not violent, aggressive, downgrading and contain any indecency or vulgarity that you would want to save your child from. Again, the older players find it as an escape route to their daily lives making them feel lighter in their lunchtime or relieving their stress after a long day.

All in all, Subway Surfers is here to stay and will keep mesmerizing its users with new updates and exceptional smoothness. Many other games have copied the concept but have not been able to recreate the experience one encounters in SS. If you are still unknown to the game, there is no time left to waste. Grab your phone download the game and enjoy your life. Again!.

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