5th June 2018

The Solution for This Summer’s Boredom Is Here

We are back with another list to inform you about the best games available for this summer. These games are pretty much based on their universal appeal and current popularity. If you are bored, pick one of these titles and kill time like you kill your enemies in the gameplay. 

Persona 5

The game never stops giving even after 50 hours of gameplay. The set is based in Modern Tokyo, but it also includes its usual charms and JRPG tropes. If you are a diehard fan of style mixed with contemporary combat, then you are in for a ride. On the Prime day, the game is available for $29.99 which is fairly less than the usual price of $60.

Hollow Knight

You should not take the game lightly for its slow beginning and simple environment. After the introduction, it becomes a mix of Dark Souls and Metroid attracting many current gamers. Warning: the game is tailored made for a niche of the audience that can stand difficult stages, slow story-telling nature, and lack of hand-holding. If you are really interested in cashing in the endless summer nights, then this game is perfect.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The cult of the gaming industry has come back with a new version of acrobats and fighting skills. Being one of the most popular games of all time, it has the capability to attract kids as well as pro gamers. Some play it to relive the days of glory, and some are just overwhelmed by the number of skills a character can possess. The moves are shockingly simple to perform, but the move set is enough to kill your joystick/ keyboard forever.

Monster Hunter: World

The franchise has always had lots of supporters throughout its journey. Although, the game has been a lot easier to be played yet it still has the monster hunting experience it was famous for. The game is a wonderful opportunity for the ones that love to travel and also for the environment lovers.  It takes the player through the lush green tropical forests and lets him explore the wild while sitting peacefully at home.

Fallout 4

The game needs no introduction. Even casual gamers have a clue about the legacy this game has developed over the past years. It is one of those games that captivate a person to the core while engaging one in a battle royal of with extreme opponents. You wander through wastelands, recover important materials, kill mutants and do it all over again until it becomes an addiction. All the mission enthusiasts who love single person violence are peacefully invited into the world of bloodshed, adventure, and fear again.


If you have no plans of using for phones for playing games, then PUBG has a treat for you. While it is enjoying the heights of popularity, the developers have made it available PC to make our summers go wild. The kill-die-repeat theme of the game makes it lovable plus exciting at the same time due to its graphic appeal.

Do not waste your time in finding cool new games for these summers as developers have made them available pretty early. Grab on your wallet to experience the days of immense excitement.

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