1st May 2018

The Worst Games of All Time That Wasted Time And Money

It takes a lot of courage to develop a game as an afterthought. Sometimes, the gaming industry goes in the wrong direction, creating absolute duds of games. Here, we not so proudly present you some of the hidden wonders of the gaming scenario that wasted our time and money.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

It is often considered the worst game ever produced. The game takes you through the long American Highway to experience the most boring period of your life. Creating a virtual incarnation of real life can be hard, but the developers of the game could not change the quote. Gamers who wanted an exciting racing game full of AI opponents and police were disappointed as all they got was a play area of nothingness.

Laws of physics have been compromised at every level of the stage; the text seems nothing more than lazy writing. Check out any list of the worst games ever produced, and you will find the honorary mention of Big Rigs.

Club Drive

The Atari Jaguar exclusive is unbearable to its core. The game turned up as a disaster for the people who bought it as well as for the developers. It has the lethal combination of inadequate controls and ugly graphics.

One might argue that we are too harsh, but anybody who has actually played the game will definitely relate. It orders the player to drive in a straight line with crazy bouncing in one of the background objects. It is as unreal as a game can get with characters from the zombie apocalypse.  That being said, it is better to drive through a desert without AC than playing Club Drive.

Superman the New Adventures

The end of creativity and fun was a feat possible only for the mighty Superman. It is a classic example of the missed potential of the developers as well as the topic. The visuals are shoddy, the background is frustrating, the controls are irritating, and the Man of Steel is flying aimlessly.

Even the most loyal DC fans had a hard time in adjusting to a game that kills imagination like nothing else. But, it can’t be ignored that kids back then loved the theme, but the same cannot be claimed for the current generation.

Fugitive Hunter

The cusp of stupidity and grossness comes in the form of Fugitive Hunter. The kids never like a game where you have to beat Osama bin Laden as it did not make sense. It was developed to cash in one of the worst parts of American history which turned out to be a hopeless failure.

The game was nothing more than mindless action with a stint of patriotism everywhere. It involved killing the top 10 fugitives from America’s most wanted list in repetitive environments and annoying gunshots.

If you are one of the unlucky ones to play these games, we request you not to lose faith in humanity. Many beautiful games are waiting for you instead of the blunders we just mentioned above.

Anytime you’re looking to purchase a new game, try to check out the reviews first! A brand new release can be exciting, but don’t get ahead of yourself!¬ Find out from other gamers whether it’s worth the money or whether it’s just another gimmicky game. I always check out Only Reviews for advice on whether a new release is worth the purchase!

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