28th February 2018

There Is a Gaming Smartphone for Everyone

Mobile gaming has come a long way. In the early days, there were labeled the territory of casual. However, now new games like Fallout are making the mobile gaming territory a profitable business. In fact, the number of people who love these games is also increasing consistently. If you want to dive into the world of mobile gaming, don’t forget to buy a phone that enriches your experience further.

Here are some of the best gaming smartphone that you can buy in 2018.

iPhone X

The best and latest smartphone by Apple is the best gaming device you will find on the market. With its crisp graphics, great sound quality and an enviable experience, the phone offers everything that you can ask for and more. The phone looks a lot better than its predecessor and the bezel-less design is an eye-catcher for sure. The metal and glass construction gives it a premium appeal too. The OLED screen is one of the reasons why gaming on an iPhone X becomes such an enjoyable experience. The phone has a bigger screen than its predecessor, making it more adept in gaming. Probably the only issue with this phone is that it has 3GB RAM and its battery deteriorates rapidly. As a result of this, you may not be able to keep many large games in the phone at once or do heavy gaming on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S9

There is a touch of brilliance in Samsung devices when it comes to features and the Galaxy S9 is no different, especially when it comes to gaming. The powerful phone provides you the most mesmerizing Android gaming experience on the market. Apart from the awesome low-light camera and the mechanical aperture, the device comes with a robust Snapdragon 845 processor. Take any game you want and expect the device to handle it without breaking a sweat. The 6GB RAM in the S9 Plus and 4GB RAM in S9, makes both devices far more powerful than an iPhone. The AMOLED display and the quad HD+ screen is cool too. The colors and shadows are very vibrant and clear. The phone has a battery issue. It wouldn’t last too long with heavy gaming but is a good buy overall.

Razer Phone

If you are a mobile gaming enthusiast, then try this phone designed solely for gamers. The smooth gaming experience is what drives people towards this device. It compromises on a few places, especially with other features, but for gaming, you don’t have to look any further. It comes with a powerful Snapdragon 835 processor that is perfect for gaming. However, what makes the processor really work in your favor is the fact that it comes with 8GB RAM and several Razer optimizations for gaming. Basically, it is a small gaming console for your pocket.

If you like a good gaming experience, look no further than these phones. However, they can be on the expensive side. In this case, you have other options too. The OnePlus 6 and Nokia 8 are also good phones that can fit within your budget, provide you a variety of features and deliver a noteworthy gaming performance as well.

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