20th March 2020

Why Do People Still Love Arcade Games?

Arcade games are mainly video games, electromechanical games or pinball machines. An arcade game is a machine game which is usually coin-operated, typically found in public places like malls, amusement arcades, and restaurants. The late 1970s through the 1980s was the golden age of arcade games, where they gained the maximum popularity. After the 1990s, the popularity of arcade games slowly declined, while, console and PC games came into the lead.

What are Arcade Games?
The Arcade games have short levels, which rapidly increase in difficulty levels with intuitive and simple controls. The Arcade game is coin-operated. Arcade games are similar to video games that have the same characteristics as those games that have been played previously. Romsie has a wide variety of arcade games.

Why Are Arcade games still made?
Yes, arcade games are still being made today. Arcade games have a special place in the hearts of game lovers. Despite such new technologies, people still love Arcade games. In the past few years, there is an immense increase in the retro arcade industry which increases the demand for arcade machines.

Though, most of the attention goes towards developing
console or mobile games that are similar to arcade games.
People love arcade games simply because- they’re simple, timeless and good for all ages.

Everyone loves indulging in a little nostalgia. Arcade games like Mario Bros are experiencing

a resurgence in their popularity because they’re an easy way to remember the best parts of
their gaming memories.
Characteristics of Arcade Games
Several characteristics are found in most arcade games or arcade videos.

● Short levels: The games are designed in intent to keep the play short and interesting enough for the player, and keep the player engaged in the game.

● Lives: The player gets several chances in a single game to improve its gaming skills and reach a higher score.

● High scores: His scores in a particular game determine the gaming skills of a player. At the end of every game, you are allowed to put your initials by the score you got, and if you are in top 10, you’ll get into the leader board table until someone beat
you in the race.

● Intuitive controls: A beginner will have no difficulty in understanding how the game is to be played. Arcade games were not age-restricted; hence everyone had to play them.

● Increasing difficulty: Most of the arcade games have no end. The game initially starts at an easy level, but with time, it increases its difficulty levels. This allows the players to challenge themselves and others.
Some of the Best Arcade Games of all the time Let’s discover some best arcade games, and relive those gaming memories with these

● Mario Bros (1983) – These Game Shows the life two Italian plumbers, Luigi and Mario, as they investigate the sewers of New York. The player aims to navigate the surrogate to fight with the strange creatures in the sewers.

● Pac-Man (1980) – Namco Japan develops this game. It is one of the most influential games of all time. The game aimed to navigate the corn-shaped character to consume the pellets in the maze by avoiding contact with the ghouls that roam in the maze.

● Asteroids (1979) – This game was called the best game of its time. The player aimed to use his spaceship to destroy invading asteroids and saucers, and not to get killed in the process while fighting with them. The more saucers destroyed, the more points or rewards you earned. At 10,000 points your player gets an extra life.

● Nintendo designed Donkey Kong (1981) – In Donkey Kong had a storyline. The player’s goal was to navigate Jumpman through different obstacles, to rescue his girlfriend, Pauline. In the game, Pauline is held captive by Donkey Kong. The character name Jumpman was later changed to Mario, eventually becoming the plumber that we know and love. The character of Donkey Kong also gets his own game series which was spun off from the original game. Called Donkey Kong Country and released in the mid-90s, it follows the Kong Family and their own misadventures. Both Mario and Donkey Kong continue to have great success, and fans of their older games can still play them on emulator sites similar to Gamulator (gamulator.com/roms/game-boy).

● Golden Axe (1989) – It is a fantasy game, released by Sega. The game aimed to rescue the princess and the king kidnapped by Death Adder, the villain. The characters are Gilius Thunderhead, a dwarf, and Ax Battler, a barbarian.

● Contra (1988) – It is a gun-and-run arcade game. One or two players play it. The main aim of the game was to control the soldiers through enemy gunfire to defeat an enemy plotting to destroy humanity. The characters are Lance Bean and Bill Razer.

● Galaga (1981) – Galaga is similar to asteroids in gameplay. Namco, Japan developed it. The goal of the game was to gather more points as the player took down insects like invading enemies. The game ends when the player gets captured or dies. Today’s gamers are still developing Galaga.

● Double Dragon (1987) – Technos Japan developed it. It is played between one or two players only. The goal of the game is to fight through a gang of bad guys Mirian, Billy’s girlfriend.

● Robotron 2084 (1982) – Vid Kidz developed it. It is a game of the fictional world where robots overrun the world, and the player’s goal is to save the human family by defeating the robots.

● Frogger (1996) – Konami developed it. The goal of this game was to navigate the frog to cross a highway without getting stomped to death. The increasing difficulty while crossing the street keeps the game interesting and addictive.

● Star Wars (1983) – This game is based on the movie of the same name. The goal is to navigate an X-wing fighter to destroy enemy turrets. The player begins the game with six shields, if all gets destroyed, the game ends.
Conclusion The relevance of arcade games still exists today. People still love to play arcade games. When people play games, they might be arcade games but are not realizing it.

Arcade games have paved the way for upgradations in the modern gaming world. Game developers and designers are still creating arcade video games and machines every year. There is no doubt in admitting that arcade games or machines are very much loved even these days.

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