25th July 2018

Best Bets for Kids Centered PC Games In 2018

The kid-focused gaming industry has recently witnessed a lot of change. Developers are back to make new kid-friendly games as kids these days are being given controllers with advanced functions earlier than ever. If you are also in the same situation, we recommend you read the entire article to choose the best game for your child.


A child will never find toys more interesting than Lego bricks. They give the power to build just anything out of imagination. The game Minecraft is a virtual life Lego which can be used to build entire cities. Ask the previous generations why they love this game and they will tell you the hours of addictive gameplay and excitement that they experienced. It not only enhances a player’s creativity but also lets the child have its first interaction with a PC.

Players can choose between two modes: survival and sandbox to attain better stimulation from the game. Being the second bestselling video game ever made it lets the player figure out options pretty easily than other complex games available.


Let your child witness your days of chilling by unleashing this 2D run-and-gun action game from the bygone era.  It is considered one of the most engaging PC games for its sheer fun factor, mesmerizing gameplay, hand-drawn animations, cool backgrounds, and original background score.

Being difficult and captivating at the same time, Cuphead helps to develop your child’s character. Moreover, it is multiplayer which allows a bunch of kids to understand the value of team play.  The game is equipped with a tutorial that helps the child to master the game before tackling various difficulties.

Forza Horizon 3

The excellent driving game FH 3 will allow your child to handle the first steering of their life. It features an open world scenario where the player is racing in lifelike graphics from Australia.  Meanwhile, a player also gets to choose a driver, a personal vehicle and is allowed to work on even the smallest details of the car. It’s also a multiplayer game, so your child will be able to play with friends online while adjusting to obstacles like convoys, sign jumps, drift zones, etc.


Banjo-Kazooie is one of the inspirations for the game which makes it evenly entertaining for kids as well as their parents. The 3D world is filled with cute and overwhelming characters and is easy going too. Thus, your kids get to play at their own pace with pressure of completing a task in time. The game’s story asks the player to find collectibles that will increase a character’s ability to advance in the adventure. It is guaranteed that your kids won’t be bothered about the limits of the world as endless pathways will lead them to strange and exotic places. Again, grasping various clues and hints will make them sharper while enhancing their instincts.

These are our top four picks for kids’ entertainment. We have to realize that they are not prepared for complex storylines and compelling bloodshed. But, eventually, it all depends on your choice. We advise to let them play these easy games to expand their perception and safeguard their innocence.

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