20th June 2018

Best Android Games on the Market Right Now

Within thousands of games available on the Play Store, you are bound to get a game that has the potential to change your life. Here we have compiled a list of some of the most appreciated games available today.

Evoland 2

No one wants to put down premium things right? Being a sequel, it satisfies the expectations of new as well as old lovers of the game. The gameplay evolves as the game progresses further up to higher levels. It has been noticed that players criticized the game for being too short.  The new version eliminates the problem as it comes with 20 hours of gameplay. One of the main reasons for the game to flourish is the amount of progress it makes in graphics and storylines as the game continues.


It’s no wonder PUBG has become one of the most appreciated games today. With its single person shooting game it also features excellent graphics, weapons and multiple players to check your reactive skills. The developers have designed the mobile version for convenience and accuracy which makes the game worth its popularity. As per the standards of a mobile shooter game you are bound to get excited, tensed and satisfied at the same time.


If you enjoy over the top violence, then the twin-stick shooter should be your best bet. You play the role of a cybernetic enforcement officer to implement justice in the universe. Each level comes with a new challenge which keeps the pace going. Moreover, it also challenges you to replay the mission with new combinations to reach the highest levels of complexities. It’s impressive that a shooter game comes with astonishing graphics and interesting soundtracks.


The first abstract game in the list is more than a standard tile swapping match. It not only involves a beautiful background but a relaxing exploration through abstract designs. A player might find it easy and smooth in the beginning, but later on, the game comes up with complex puzzles. There are no time limits, and there are 120 puzzles with numerous difficulty levels.  Hence, it turns out to be the best puzzle game you can download on your smartphone right now.

Framed 2

Comic style fun can never go out of fashion. It is a sequel to the beloved game Framed developed by Hideo Kojima in 2014. Throughout the game, you have to tackle through various scenes by rearranging the comic book panels in each section. It is the new way to play an android game which makes it stand out among its competitors. Thus, the game is the manifestation of coolness and creativity.

Island Delta

The action-adventure theme based puzzle game takes back you to the retro era. With the help of an anti-gravity gun, a player has to dodge traps and guards to conclude every level. The game is best known for its designing and cartoony graphics. Its just fun- to say the least.

These are some of the games you just cannot miss.  Keep playing to enjoy those boring lectures.

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