8th November 2018

What are the main benefits of Implementing Mobile Device Management?

Moving towards a more mobile world means that having a strong mobile device management platform in place is becoming a necessity.

Mobile device management or MDM for short is a term used to describe the administration of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and other forms of wireless devices into a single platform.

Its main purpose is to simplify the management of mobile devices in the workplace. Sometimes companies need someone to manage mobile devices and other devices for them, as it is an easier option for them.

Here are the great benefits implementing an MDM would bring to your business.

Easier Device Management

It can be a serious pain having to go through and update patches and antivirus software individually on each device separately. Luckily if you implement MDM you are able to do these updates simultaneously. This will save you valuable management time and help you keep your focus on tasks that add more value to your business.

As a business, you can no longer afford to have serious IT issues in or out of business hours. Adopting A high-quality MDM system will help minimize disruption to your IT by allowing for the widespread resolution of issues. The professionals from companies like Fusion Connect can tailor your networks as required for the business. Facilitating remote operations through secure networks, cloud-based calling, and managing employees’ various devices to set up these systems can make it easier for your workforce to deal with the job wherever they are.

Setting up new users for your MDM with new employees coming in is also a breeze. This is done through remote configuration of Wifi and other platforms you use in your business. So how does this benefit your business? It will save you time and money.

Data Security

The security of our data is always of paramount importance and with hackers constantly developing more sophisticated ways of getting to our data having a robust cybersecurity strategy is essential.

Luckily adopting an MDM will make it easier to keep up to date with your security software. The use of an MDM also ensures that if the network is breached due to the presence of an infected device it will be quickly quarantined and dealt with.

In practice adopting an MDM can also give you control over who has the ability to forward and share your documents. This feature will help keep data secure and help to ensure internal documents are not leaked, protecting your business.

Adopt the ‘BYOD’ Mentality

Remote working of the future is fast becoming the reality of the present. With this increase in remote working arrangements adopting an MDM could be a perfect way to better incorporate the use of mobile devices. MDM’s allow for devices to easily connect to the network and the control they enable allows employers to monitor devices across the whole network. Whether people are working from home or in the office.

Who can I find to Implement MDM?

If you have seen the light and now decided that your business simply cannot live in the future without MDM (you are very much correct) then it’s time to find the right provider to get your mobile devices hooked up together. Luckily the experts at Netitude are always on hand to deliver fantastic IT solutions. Get in touch today to implement your MDM and watch your productivity soar.

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